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If God was a Banker

‘ If God was a Banker ‘ becomes the first book  in my book review section of my blog. I used to be once a vociferous reader but somewhere down...
27 June, 2009 Books more
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151 and counting

Some landmarks even if it seems trivial should be cherished . Little pleasures give wonderful boost to your confidence and a drive to perform better. baby steps of toddlers gives...
26 May, 2009 Salt & Pepper more
Divya by Yashpal
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17 May

Divya by Yashpal

Divya by Yashpal is set in historical times, the era when teachings of Buddha were prevalent and people were embracing Buddhism. The book is originally in Hindi, it’s been translated...
17 May, 2009 Books more
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Managing Stress

Managing Stress Swami Sukhabodhananda One youngster comes to me very depressed and asks this question "Why is God creating so many difficulties for us? How to handle stress?" I tell...
15 April, 2009 Moral Stories more
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Finally , I can Vote !

Reading the title , don’t be misled that I just got eligible to vote ! Though its been many donkey years that I had gone pass the legally eligible voting...
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Five point someone

                    Five Point Someone is the maiden novel of Chetan Bhagat , the IIT / IIM graduate turned Author , whose...
20 March, 2009 Books more