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Posted by on 16 February

World of Mafias

It’s a jungle out there. Sam is Sauvé, arrogant, boisterous, wealthy, ruthless don. Since the fall of his big rival he became all powerful and all dangerous. He has the...
16 February, 2010 Wicked Brew more
Posted by on 07 July

Weird Taxes

Windows tax : No we are not talking about Microsoft’s windows but the actual windows of houses! King William III of England takes the credit of introducing this law in...
07 July, 2009 World Around more
Posted by on 26 May

151 and counting

Some landmarks even if it seems trivial should be cherished . Little pleasures give wonderful boost to your confidence and a drive to perform better. baby steps of toddlers gives...
26 May, 2009 Salt & Pepper more