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Posted by on 30 March

Good Taliban, Bad Taliban

Americans love fishing.  Ok, here i am specific about American Government. Uncle Sam loves to fish in another’s pond mostly without permission. Unlike good fisherman, Uncle Sam muddies himself by...
30 March, 2010 Wicked Brew more
Posted by on 02 November

To bribe or not to bribe ?

US of A is considering a bribe for the Afghan fighters to join their side. Honestly, I find this both interesting and hilarious. Some of the security analysts claim, these...
02 November, 2009 World Around more
Posted by on 30 September

B-School whizz kids or bad kids ?

The dramatic collapse of Wall Street made me thinking one point. Lehman brothers, Morgan Stanley, Bears and sterns etc all this big names commands the cream recruitment from the prestigious...
30 September, 2008 Economics more