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Posted by on 12 June

Pasighat travelogue

Pasighat is the oldest town (established in 1911) of the extreme eastern state of the country- Arunachal Pradesh. Situated at the banks of river Siang, this is a fairly small...
12 June, 2010 Third Eye more
Posted by on 14 April

Breathtaking Binsar

With the summers scorching up everything on sight, I have decided to give the power of thought, visual stimulation and tele-transportation a chance to beat the heat and provide some...
14 April, 2010 Jewel in the crown more
Posted by on 23 March

Gaga over Goa!

Ok this isn’t about Lady Gaga! But its my about my jewel Goa of the crown called India. Yes friends ,I am back again to take you from the heights...
23 March, 2010 Jewel in the crown more
Posted by on 09 February

Spectacular Spiti

Hello friends. Here I am back again to unfold yet another pictorial travelogue and the jewel for you is Spiti, in Himachal pradesh. Barren, desolate, stark landscapes situated at a...
09 February, 2010 Jewel in the crown more
Posted by on 12 November

Mesmerized in Munnar

Here I am back again with the crown that is India and the Jewel that will be showcased is MUNNAR. Relatively untouched unspoiled at an altitude of 1600m above sea...
12 November, 2009 Jewel in the crown more