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Posted by on 01 July

Maid In India !

Morning while we were in kitchen , I told my wife “ I think we should employ a maid” Since we both are working couple with long stretch of work...
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Posted by on 26 May

151 and counting

Some landmarks even if it seems trivial should be cherished . Little pleasures give wonderful boost to your confidence and a drive to perform better. baby steps of toddlers gives...
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Posted by on 09 May

Life in a nutshell

Born Cries Smiles Grows Study Love Job Marriage Children Marriage Grand children Child-again Smiles Dies ———————- Cries Life goes on..   And in the end, it’s not the years in...
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Conditioning the mind

Confused get don’t. Perceptive different for conditioned be to needs thoughts way- one straight of because mind stressed the . Mind of power thinking perceptive multiple the reinvent to exercises...
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