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Posted by on 16 February

World of Mafias

It’s a jungle out there. Sam is Sauvé, arrogant, boisterous, wealthy, ruthless don. Since the fall of his big rival he became all powerful and all dangerous. He has the...
16 February, 2010 Wicked Brew more
Posted by on 26 November

26/11 One year later

A year back, I was going through a community in a networking site, when news trickled in that there is a gunfire in Mumbai. Initially, I thought it might be...
26 November, 2009 India Matters more
Posted by on 02 November

To bribe or not to bribe ?

US of A is considering a bribe for the Afghan fighters to join their side. Honestly, I find this both interesting and hilarious. Some of the security analysts claim, these...
02 November, 2009 World Around more
Posted by on 14 September

A Stupid common Indian man

Thanks to Wednesday movie for the topic title. I borrowed the line from the movie , Wednesday . After the deadly Delhi blast on Saturday , watching wednesday struck my conscience....
14 September, 2008 Salt & Pepper more
Posted by on 29 December

BB No More.

2007 ended with yet another dance of music to monster called “Terrorism” . Benazir Bhutto , the tall leader of Pakistan was the latest victim to the ugly mess that...
29 December, 2007 World Around more