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The Revelation
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07 October

The Revelation

“ Neethu! Walk slowly… stay together!” my voice was unusually loud. I had called out a couple of times earlier in an attempt to keep her, she seemed to ignore...
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The Secret Admirer

“I’ll get that mom” said Adrianna running to the main door to answer it. She was hoping it was her new friend Sam from the library. To her surprise, she...
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Lover’s Paradise

“What do you see?” she asked in a quaint and innocent voice. “Oh, tell me fast what you see down out of the window” she couldn’t hold her excitement any...
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Ever After

The clock was ticking towards 2’o clock, and I was staring at the door, listening for footsteps or any sound of a car parking at our doorstep. My 8 year...
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Moment of Surrender

‘Don’t worry, will reach home in 5 mins’, I kept on telling this to myself. Today was definitely hard on me, not that I had any better days since last...
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The Pangs of Separation

She could feel her heart beating faster, The pangs of separation had begun to rise within, When she felt its effect on her, She let herself free to get immersed...
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“Who won?’ they asked. “I came, I saw, I conquered” He roared. “He came, he saw, he conquered” She smiled. “He came, he saw, She conquered!” they proclaimed. “Says who?” ...
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Now: “So now what?” asked Shastri. “Well… finally I get to say this, Checkmate” replied Shakti. Twenty Years Ago: They were at it for sixteen hours now; the court was...
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