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The Pangs of Separation

She could feel her heart beating faster, The pangs of separation had begun to rise within, When she felt its effect on her, She let herself free to get immersed...
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“Who won?’ they asked. “I came, I saw, I conquered” He roared. “He came, he saw, he conquered” She smiled. “He came, he saw, She conquered!” they proclaimed. “Says who?” ...
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Mystery Writer

I just discovered internet. It was great to just surf and make new friends.  I had my share of bad relationships and was done with the whole Boyfriend-Girlfriend thing. Chatting...
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Deja Vu

Head West Dammit! Edward called out. George was shocked at the second feeling of déjà vu, then. The first was when Taylor reported late. Something was wrong. They had been flying...
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A lot Unsaid

“Why do you have to come home so late? Whenever I ask you, you never answer me straight“, she asked as he entered the house. “Can’t you at least welcome...
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Archived Love

 They met in the Library. She loved books but could not read. He was the librarian. He used to read books for her. Today also he is reading a book, but...
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The Emperors new l(a)unch

  The Emperors new  l(a)unch Puniya eyed the food hungrily. It looked delicious “A leader is coming” his mother explained “The one that came in the other village?” “Yes” “Why?”...
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Survival of Sordid – est

He shook his head. “Won’t work” “But I have a fan base” “Still wont work … But… if that… fling… scandal of yours… was …” “That’s private … and it...
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