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Posted by on 21 May

Kites – Review

The much awaited and annoyingly very much delayed movie finally hits flies into the movie halls. My eagerness took a beating twice when I could not attend the Thursday preview...
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Posted by on 08 May

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

The Hot Zone, is a 1994 New York Times best seller book by Richard Preston. The Book discusses the sudden reappearance of the Ebola virus, which was then limited to Southern...
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Posted by on 23 April

Abduction by Robin Cook

Plot: A scientific research deep sea drilling team drills into an underwater volcano except that it isn’t a volcano at all! Main Protagonists: Perry Bergman (President of Benthic marine), Suzanne...
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Posted by on 17 April

Paathshaala – review

Well, I liked the movie title Paathshaala and the opening screen showing the newspaper clippings of student abuse, student pressure etc made me sit straight in anticipation of a movie...
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Posted by on 28 March

Pandorum – Review

Cast: Payton: Played by Dennis Quaid. Lieutenant on board the sleeper ship Elysium who awakens from hyper sleep in an obfuscated state. Bower: Played magnificently by Ben Foster. Corporal and...
28 March, 2010 Movies more
Posted by on 26 March

Well done Abba – review

Shyam Benegal has a distinctive style of film making which was evident in his previous outings. His USP is simple, clean stories with a wonderful scripting. Like his previous movie...
26 March, 2010 Movies more