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The Raincoat
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04 August

The Raincoat

I still remember my first outing with rain in Bangalore when I came here five years back! It was like “what is this” kind of feeling. It was all of...
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Few Idiots!!!

(Yes, you read right!) One of my all time favourite movies will be Three idiots, reason: the adventures of college life that Raju Hirani portrayed bring back a lot of...
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Where are we?

Call me absent minded but, I can’t find my way around no matter how many times I pass through the same way. It has always been that way ever since...
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A “Gingi” post

I read Flavours of Team GingerChai by Mani Padma and felt quite silly about my starting off with a bang as an author at GingerChai. Well – I immediately resolved...
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Bel gira hai shayad!

“Dhapp” “Bel gira hai shayad”, on hearing the sound and to my prediction, my mother ran out shouting followed by me. As I struggled to catch with her (you see...
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Afternoon Siesta

  It was a practice, and still is, to have a siesta in the afternoon. Children were usually put to bed with a stern warning that any interruption to sleep...
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