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Posted by on 08 July

Murder 2 – review

Its the seasons of sequels, although most of the squels oflate has been disappointing. Mahesh Bhatt presensts the sequel to the 2004 blockbuster Murder. If Murder was hot, Murder 2...
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Posted by on 01 July

Delhi Belly – review

When it comes to movies, Aamir Khan knows how to gather the moss.  People may hate it, love it, loathe it or hum it but the song “Bhaag DK Bose”...
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Posted by on 13 May

Ragini MMS – review

A weekend masti that goes scarily wrong.  For a regular horror flick watchers, it is a time tested plot. Ekta Kapoor’s movie (yes, this is a producer’s child rather than...
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Posted by on 07 May

Haunted – review

Vikram Bhatt and RGV tirelessly love to haunt us with their horror movies.  After RGV’s outing with Phoonk 2 , now its turn of Vikram  to try scare us.  And...
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Posted by on 25 April

Dum Maro Dum – review

The name and the much hyped item number suggests that the movie should be of drugs and narcotics and Dum Maro Dum is a full on psychedelic masala movie ,...
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Posted by on 11 March

October Sky – review

This story is about a high school kid, from West Virginia who dares to dream big. This was the time when Russia made history by launching the first satellite Sputnik in 1957,...
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Posted by on 20 February

Saat Khoon Maaf – review

After watching 7 khoon maaf , the only thing I can think of saying to Priyanka Chopra is 7 sada hua movies maaf. Yes such was her power packed performance...
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Posted by on 21 January

Dhobi Ghat – review

Fore warning: Dhobi Ghat is not a movie for everyone or to be specific it is not clearly aimed at the masses. But does it succeed to woo the niche...
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