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Ra.One – review
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26 October

Ra.One – review

In his promotional campaigns SRK mentioned “I’m a superhero with heart” but unfortunately G.One, the super hero character SRK plays does not have an emotional connect. It is plain digital...
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We are family – review

Stepmom was a wonderful movie of its time and still evokes emotions. Karan Johar has taken the official rights for adaptation of the movie but he missed out a point...
03 September, 2010 Movies more
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Lafangey Parindey – review

Predictable. Clichéd. Unoriginal. Flawed. The movie has it all but… but… it is not all that bad, it is watchable. Strange but it is. Keeping behind the failures of Tashan,...
20 August, 2010 Movies more
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Predators – review

Cast: Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Topher Grace Producer: Nimrod Antal Running time: 106 minutes (R) I’ve been a fan of the Predator franchise since the mid 90s. Arnold schwa… swar….....
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Khatta Meetha – Review

Priyadarshan is a director of contradiction. In 2008 his Tamil movie Kanichivaram won the national award and in 89’s and 90’s he has many commercially successful Malayalam movies to his...
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Inception – Review

Watched INCEPTION on Friday night! Well, I will try to review this movie by trying “Poetry” for the First time in my life..!! Here goes my 5 line “Poetic Review”...
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I hate luv storys -review

When the title says I hate luv storys and the promo shows the heroine’s character as mushy mushy die-hard romantic and hero as one who hate the four letter L-...
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