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Chasing my dreams!
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28 March

Chasing my dreams!

“You may say… Am a dreamer! But I’m not the only one!” This John Lennon song “imagine” is what I remember every time I think of my dreams. It’s so...
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Posted by on 10 November

Ostrich in the Zoo

What about it? You ask. Well, ask my four years old who spoke of it. The new uniform I got recently was one of the latest corporate Do-It-Or-Else policy for...
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Few Idiots!!!

(Yes, you read right!) One of my all time favourite movies will be Three idiots, reason: the adventures of college life that Raju Hirani portrayed bring back a lot of...
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Posted by on 30 June

I Miss You

I missed your smile and loving touch. I missed your enthusiasm on seeing me everyday. Whether at work or outside, you made me feel like I was the only one....
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Where are we?

Call me absent minded but, I can’t find my way around no matter how many times I pass through the same way. It has always been that way ever since...
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