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Happy Independence Day, Dear India!
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15 August

Happy Independence Day, Dear India!

India celebrates 66th Independence Day today and though we have enough reasons to worry and introspect, let’s remind ourselves Independence comes with self-responsibilty. So lets make our nation proud, let’s...
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Delhi – Subha Swagatam
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28 September

Delhi – Subha Swagatam

There were some ruffled egos. Hurt sentiments. And huge scandals almost knocking to spill over in other words – a total washout, but sigh! The bride is here. The reception...
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I Paid A Bribe – Have you?

Bribed? Didn’t bribe? Powerless? Victimized? Angry? Now you have a place to vent your anguish, anger, opinions and simply your story. is Janaagraha’s unique initiative to tackle corruption by...
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Corruption begins at home

As  various disclosures pour in about common wealth games becoming individual wealth games  and the shadow of corruption taking over the spirit of the games, the nation fumes over the...
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Happy Independence day!

Team GingerChai wishes all Indians a happy Independence day. Road so far has been bumpy, we have faltered in steps but still managed to walk the distance. We have seen...
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Perk up

“Papa brought something” chintu chanted excitedly. His wife peered inside the package eagerly- towel, stationary, crockery. “The same things ” she muttered making a face.” Shastriji had brought home h
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