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Posted by on 28 June

Women and compliments

What’s with us a woman? Why do we constantly need morale boosting, I wonder? Whether its a little girl of 7 years, a confident career woman at 30, or a...
28 June, 2010 Diaries more
Posted by on 23 June

Where are we?

Call me absent minded but, I can’t find my way around no matter how many times I pass through the same way. It has always been that way ever since...
23 June, 2010 Anney's Musings more
Posted by on 06 June

Free Fall

The gorge looked breathtakingly beautiful from the precarious edge of the rock. A tingling sensation ran through his spine. Vodka or Vertigo ? His brain stopped registering. Soon he was...
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Posted by on 02 April

Right To Blogging

Now that Right to Education has come into action after 63 years of independence, It’s high time we put forward Right to Blogging that promises mandatory blogging for this vast and diverse...
02 April, 2010 Wicked Brew more
Posted by on 31 March

I Drive

  Being born and brought up in the Gulf, I am always asked “Do you drive? “. The answer to this question is going to be simply ordinary. “Oh yes,...
31 March, 2010 Anney's Musings more
Posted by on 24 March

Peacock Oiled Cane

Ever heard of a cane that is shined and oiled with Peacock oil so that a whipping for the same would send one writhing in pain….Haven’t eh?…Well, then let me...
24 March, 2010 Anney's Musings more