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Posted by on 31 August

Bodyguard – review

Salman Khan is on a dream run with back to back hits in Dabaang and Ready and is all set to ring the cash register and shatter the box office...
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Posted by on 08 April

Thank You – review

If you liked Aneez Basmee’s No Problem, time to say Thank You. Men are dogs and women are ever faithful – This is the one liner of the movie that...
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Posted by on 19 November

Guzaarish – review

I cried. My friend cried. The couple next to me wiped the tears and I am sure almost everyone in the hall cried too. Guzaarish embraces us, stirs up the...
19 November, 2010 Movies more
Posted by on 20 August

Lafangey Parindey – review

Predictable. Clichéd. Unoriginal. Flawed. The movie has it all but… but… it is not all that bad, it is watchable. Strange but it is. Keeping behind the failures of Tashan,...
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Posted by on 02 July

I hate luv storys -review

When the title says I hate luv storys and the promo shows the heroine’s character as mushy mushy die-hard romantic and hero as one who hate the four letter L-...
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Posted by on 18 June

Raavan – review

There was a director by name Mani Ratnam who gave wonderful movies with his forte being strong script and story telling. Raavan credit titles shows it is Mani Ratnam movie...
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Posted by on 04 June

Raajneeti – review

Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti is a feudal dynastic politics played in mafia style. The film is compelling, powerful and intense but at same time flawed. The movie takes a cue from...
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Posted by on 23 April

City of Gold – review

City of Gold by Mahesh Manjrekar treads the path between a classic movie and commercial movie and hits you hard. Packed with powerful performances, characterization and an earthy cast the...
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Posted by on 09 April

Prince – Review

A high-tech, savvy international thief, Prince, wakes up one day with all his memories lost. At his beach house where he wakes up, he is told a version of his past...
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