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Posted by on 08 April

Thank You – review

If you liked Aneez Basmee’s No Problem, time to say Thank You. Men are dogs and women are ever faithful – This is the one liner of the movie that...
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Posted by on 03 September

We are family – review

Stepmom was a wonderful movie of its time and still evokes emotions. Karan Johar has taken the official rights for adaptation of the movie but he missed out a point...
03 September, 2010 Movies more
Posted by on 02 July

I hate luv storys -review

When the title says I hate luv storys and the promo shows the heroine’s character as mushy mushy die-hard romantic and hero as one who hate the four letter L-...
02 July, 2010 Movies more
Posted by on 23 April

City of Gold – review

City of Gold by Mahesh Manjrekar treads the path between a classic movie and commercial movie and hits you hard. Packed with powerful performances, characterization and an earthy cast the...
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Posted by on 17 April

Paathshaala – review

Well, I liked the movie title Paathshaala and the opening screen showing the newspaper clippings of student abuse, student pressure etc made me sit straight in anticipation of a movie...
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Posted by on 26 February

Karthik calling Karthik – review

Karthik calling Karthik is a psychological thriller, a genre we rarely come across in mainstream Bollywood movies. Karthik (Farhan Akthar) is a shy, timid, loner, introvert person with a low esteem and...
26 February, 2010 Movies more