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Posted by on 10 November

Ostrich in the Zoo

What about it? You ask. Well, ask my four years old who spoke of it. The new uniform I got recently was one of the latest corporate Do-It-Or-Else policy for...
10 November, 2010 Anney's Musings more
Posted by on 13 April

Afternoon Siesta

  It was a practice, and still is, to have a siesta in the afternoon. Children were usually put to bed with a stern warning that any interruption to sleep...
13 April, 2010 Anney's Musings more
Posted by on 09 May

Life in a nutshell

Born Cries Smiles Grows Study Love Job Marriage Children Marriage Grand children Child-again Smiles Dies ———————- Cries Life goes on..   And in the end, it’s not the years in...
09 May, 2009 Salt & Pepper more
Posted by on 14 March

The Quest for Blood

“ Be a blood and organ donor. All it costs is a little love.” Well , I would have never disagreed to the above words but then to frankly admit...
14 March, 2009 Diaries more
Posted by on 09 January

Passing on Strength

Jan 2 , 2209 My wife and me started to my native , which is some 700 km from Bangalore. Since yesterday night  , I felt my confidence , strength...
09 January, 2009 Diaries more