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Newborn found abandoned in a garbage bin… Two well dressed baby boys, wrapped in blankets and placed in cardboard boxes, found at the building entrance…. Three month old baby girl...
15 September, 2010 Anney's Musings more
Posted by on 24 March

Peacock Oiled Cane

Ever heard of a cane that is shined and oiled with Peacock oil so that a whipping for the same would send one writhing in pain….Haven’t eh?…Well, then let me...
24 March, 2010 Anney's Musings more
Posted by on 29 September

Peace of Mind

This is a story from Buddha’s life…. Once Buddha was walking from one town to another town with a few of his followers.  This was in the initial days.  While...
29 September, 2008 Moral Stories more