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My Friend Pinto – Review
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14 October

My Friend Pinto – Review

Having recently lost his mother, Michael Pinto an innocent, gullible twenty-something  from a small village somewhere in Goa, visits his childhood friend in Mumbai. He does not realize that his...
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Soundtrack – review

Raunak Kaul, young passionate, gifted DJ and  musician, comes to Mumbai to pursue his musical career. He finds his groove in Tango Charlie, a nightclub from where his  life takes...
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Not A Love Story – Review

Good news is RGV bounces bak with signs of his mercurial best and proves he is  not to be written off yet.  Bad news is inspite of the customary disclaimer...
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Singham – review

Once upon a time in Bollywood masala-mass entertainer, with larger than life roles and red-hot dialogues, love and melodrama ruled the box-office cheered and whistled by the front bench crowd...
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Ragini MMS – review

A weekend masti that goes scarily wrong.  For a regular horror flick watchers, it is a time tested plot. Ekta Kapoor’s movie (yes, this is a producer’s child rather than...
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We are family – review

Stepmom was a wonderful movie of its time and still evokes emotions. Karan Johar has taken the official rights for adaptation of the movie but he missed out a point...
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Lafangey Parindey – review

Predictable. Clichéd. Unoriginal. Flawed. The movie has it all but… but… it is not all that bad, it is watchable. Strange but it is. Keeping behind the failures of Tashan,...
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I hate luv storys -review

When the title says I hate luv storys and the promo shows the heroine’s character as mushy mushy die-hard romantic and hero as one who hate the four letter L-...
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