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My Friend Pinto – Review
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14 October

My Friend Pinto – Review

Having recently lost his mother, Michael Pinto an innocent, gullible twenty-something  from a small village somewhere in Goa, visits his childhood friend in Mumbai. He does not realize that his...
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Lafangey Parindey – review

Predictable. Clichéd. Unoriginal. Flawed. The movie has it all but… but… it is not all that bad, it is watchable. Strange but it is. Keeping behind the failures of Tashan,...
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Aisha – review

A rich, care-free Delhi girl who zips the town in her yellow Beetle car, sports trendy designer labels, parties hard, wears pretty hats for the Sunday polo matches and yes,...
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Khatta Meetha – Review

Priyadarshan is a director of contradiction. In 2008 his Tamil movie Kanichivaram won the national award and in 89’s and 90’s he has many commercially successful Malayalam movies to his...
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Kites – Review

The much awaited and annoyingly very much delayed movie finally hits flies into the movie halls. My eagerness took a beating twice when I could not attend the Thursday preview...
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Housefull – review

The heyy baby team is back with yet another low IQ mindless crapper but this time it makes you say oh no baby! Akshay is a born looser. Bad luck...
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City of Gold – review

City of Gold by Mahesh Manjrekar treads the path between a classic movie and commercial movie and hits you hard. Packed with powerful performances, characterization and an earthy cast the...
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Paathshaala – review

Well, I liked the movie title Paathshaala and the opening screen showing the newspaper clippings of student abuse, student pressure etc made me sit straight in anticipation of a movie...
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Phoonk 2 – review

Planning to make a horror movie? Well, there seems to be some  standard ingredients that goes into  horror movies. Let me list them for you. Cat/wolf/dog/crow. Some characters with blank...
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