Becoming a Chaiwala!

Writers’ Guidelines

Becoming a Chaiwala!

Do you have a passion for writing? Would you like to reach the world through us? Submit an article idea today!

Please follow these guidelines in preparing your submissions.

Manuscripts should be submitted to sip[at] gingerchai[dot]com

At GingerChai, we have a liberal open-door policy designed to encourage and facilitate new writing with the following caveats.

  1. Familiarize yourself with GingerChai and look at what kind of writing we already carry. Can you envisage your article on here?
  2. All articles must be submitted exclusively to GingerChaiif you have submitted the article elsewhere, or it is posted online, please do not submit it to us. Though, we exempt book/movie reviews and food recipes from this condition. If you are submitting work which has already appeared in print or online, please let us know beforehand.
  3. We have strong policy against plagiarists. If we find your articles are not original, we will delete all your submissions and remove you immediately from the GingerChai club.

Basic Guidelines

  1. Quality over quantity. We don’t believe in pressurizing the writers to churn articles like a machine. When you think, you got the right article for GC, you can submit it.
  2. We require a short third person bio and, if possible, a photograph to go along with your article in the author info section.
  3. Style requirements. GingerChai is a liberal, care-free, friendly publishing platform for passionate literary upstarts who we expect to be of all types including loose cannons and wicked brewers. Be creative and have your own style of writing.  We do not wish to receive anything bland or anodyne.

Please be patient. While we try to reply to everyone as quickly as possible, it may take some time to review your article.

While appreciated, submitting an article with photos does not guarantee that your photos will be used with your article. Sometimes we choose photos from other sources to illustrate the topic, except the article you submit contains your exclusive photo feature like in travelogue, visual recipe etc.

Please note: Travelelogue / Food recipe without photos will not be accepted.

For other questions, comments, or to submit an article please email us at sip[at]gingerchai[dot]com

We look forward to reviewing your submission!

Don’t know how to start with? Here are few tips to start with.


Are you a book lover? Well, share the books you read with us. Loved or hated any English movie you watched? Bring it to limelight here.

We accept Book reviews, English movie reviews (for Bollywood we have an in-house stone-hearted reviewer to brave the Hindi movies first-day-first-show)


Are you a tech guru? A tech freak? Want to byte your thoughts on technology and tech-products? Want to talk about your experience with a tech gizmo? We got a space for you.

Food Recipe

You love cooking and you got a camera? Yummy! Send us the visual recipes of your favorite dishes. Lets spread the screen with utterly, butterly, delicious food recipes!


You think you have a fiction writer in you? Key in your imaginary characters and story knots and submit it to us. It can be 55 Fiction, Short stories or if you think you are good at longer stories and keep the readers in hook then even longer stories in multiple-chapters.


You think you have an opinion on various burning issues and events? You think you can present it with clarity? Don’t wait, voice it.

Survivor Stories:

Are you a survivor? You know a survivor who can be inspirational to others? Cover the real life story in our survivor section.


So you had a memorable vacation and shot some good, decent pictures. Why not share information about the place, a tip or two about the travel and the pictures with us?

Everything Else

Do you have an article but don’t fit in any of the above categories? Is it interesting? Let us know about it. Tell us about lifestyle products, designs. Tell us about the time your interesting escapades in life. Tell us the funny story about the goof-ups you made. What’s the strangest experience you’ve had making something? If it’s surprising or funny, we’ll see if we can brew it here.

Start brewing your cup of Chai!