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Posted by on 02 August

Yeddy Current

Political science can be a dry subject but we are making an earnest attempt to make political science an amalgamation of politics and applied science to give a new dimension...
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Posted by on 25 July

Of Cynics and Reformists

Recently I had the opportunity to witness the post raid judicial proceedings of the Bachpan Bachao Andolan movement. Wait, I hope you have heard about the Bachpan Bachao Andolan? Well,...
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Posted by on 06 June

Chronicles of Ziddiblogger

It was a sleepy Sunday-the lazy drizzly sleepy Sunday of Indian monsoon. Shani, our protagonist, a small time big sized blogger, logged in her facebook account to check if she...
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Posted by on 30 May

The Law of Fun

We have quite a few married people at GC. Dear married people, you might think you are cool, but let’s face it- You are not cool. period I have always-...
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Posted by on 31 January

Being God!

God! The most used and also most abused word on earth as it is in heaven! The most awesome and also the most puzzling of all mysteries! What is God?...
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