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Info: Born in Singapore and currently pursuing Medicine in China, Usha Amudhan has to her credit Indie Rhythms series in GingerChai. She also dabbles with various other genres of writing. Follow @ushaonthego Follow @ushaonthego ">
Posted by on 18 November

I do, just not you

Usha Amudhan’s  first attempt at 55 Fiction. They were a second away from being declared man and wife. His beautiful bride was beaming. He looked away, turning his gaze to...
18 November, 2009 55 Fiction more
Posted by on 11 November

Alexander SuperTramp

I am all about impromptu acts. Going on an unplanned road trip. Taking a deliberate wrong turn just for the fun of it. Sometimes, it is just not worth it....
11 November, 2009 Movies more
Posted by on 08 November

Food, Phobia, China

It has been over a year since I moved to Shanghai to study. And the thing I miss the most is Indian Food. I belong to the group of people...
08 November, 2009 Food Xplorer more
Posted by on 02 November

To bribe or not to bribe ?

US of A is considering a bribe for the Afghan fighters to join their side. Honestly, I find this both interesting and hilarious. Some of the security analysts claim, these...
02 November, 2009 World Around more