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Info: Born in Singapore and currently pursuing Medicine in China, Usha Amudhan has to her credit Indie Rhythms series in GingerChai. She also dabbles with various other genres of writing. Follow @ushaonthego Follow @ushaonthego ">
Posted by on 18 June

Shutter Island – review

After a mind boggling exam, a movie is considered a good relaxant. However, Shutter Island is not the ideal choice if turning off your brain and watching a flick was...
18 June, 2010 Movies more
Posted by on 08 May

The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

The Hot Zone, is a 1994 New York Times best seller book by Richard Preston. The Book discusses the sudden reappearance of the Ebola virus, which was then limited to Southern...
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Posted by on 22 March

The Invention of Lying – Review

The Invention of Lying is a movie starring ‘The Office’ (British version) fame Rick Gervais with Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe, Tina Fey, Louis C.K. and other casts. It is directed...
22 March, 2010 Movies more
Posted by on 23 November

One True Love

  I saw him again. Our eyes met. I resisted the urge but conformed eventually. I left the place embracing him. The missing piece in my life has returned. Back...
23 November, 2009 55 Fiction more