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Info: While I think I am a Creative Genius, friends and folks term it as Perennial Eccentricity! They opine that all my ramblings are the result of a disoriented brain.. whose one lobe is eternally dysfunctional while the other perhaps needs correction surgically! Yeah, jealous them :) Anyway, be warned people.. here's another Crazy Dudette! Please read at your own risk.
Posted by on 20 March

GORA by Rabindranath Tagore

  “Today I am Bharatiya. Within me there is no conflict between communities, whether Hindu, Muslim or Krishtan. Today all the castes of Bharat are my caste…” is the ultimate...
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Posted by on 28 February

Antiquity in all its Grandeur

In the eighties, Kayar used to be telecast as a period drama series on Doordarshan. Having watched an episode or 2 then, I don’t remember to be impressed or understood...
28 February, 2011 Books more