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Simply Fly by Captain Gopinath

In the small village of Gorur, located in the interiors of Karnataka, the headmaster asked a bunch of school kids if they were interested to write a competitive administration exam...
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A Ray of Hope

What if today its dark; Tomorrow will bring new light. Life is moving, changing; What if I change? If I change for myself and not for you; How does it...
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The Pangs of Separation

She could feel her heart beating faster, The pangs of separation had begun to rise within, When she felt its effect on her, She let herself free to get immersed...
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Another adult annihilated!

Azaad and Aman altercated at aunt Annie’s abode. Afterwards, Aman absconded. Aunt Annie arrived and asked Azaad about Aman. Azaad answered, ‘am ain’t aware’. Aunt asked again. Azaad answered, ‘an...
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Now: “So now what?” asked Shastri. “Well… finally I get to say this, Checkmate” replied Shakti. Twenty Years Ago: They were at it for sixteen hours now; the court was...
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Inception – Review

Watched INCEPTION on Friday night! Well, I will try to review this movie by trying “Poetry” for the First time in my life..!! Here goes my 5 line “Poetic Review”...
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