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Posted by on 23 September

Mausam – review

Movie reviewed by Gyanban.  He enthralls readers with short stories, poems and profound thoughts in his wonderful blog, Gyanban. As I wake up in the morning, anticipating a first day...
23 September, 2011 Movies more
Posted by on 20 April


It was triggered by an intriguing reflection, And went on to change the whole complexion. It all started with as mild a childlike fascination, And has now turned into a...
20 April, 2011 Other Stories more
Posted by on 19 April

Rio – review

A Colourful ‘RIO’t. Do you want to add some colour in you life this summer? Do you want to dazzle in a thousand hues of a thousand birds? Do you...
19 April, 2011 Movies more
Posted by on 13 April

Tri upati

Episode 1 In the last 12 months everything had changed for Vinodh – in fact turned turtle. His promotion got stalled his pet project got delayed, his job was about...
13 April, 2011 Other Stories more
Posted by on 12 April

Mutual Funds Mythbuster

  Rahul is working for a mutual fund house. They have recently came out with an NFO (new fund offer). The day, on which the fund house announced its maiden...
12 April, 2011 Economics more
Posted by on 07 April

Like the like?

The question is: Do you like the ubiquitous ‘like’? The facebook ‘like’ button has revolutionized the way we like all and sundry things. ‘Thumbs up’ seems to be the new...
07 April, 2011 Technology more