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Info: She is a freelance graphic designer who also loves writing and sketching who gave a completely new perspective to blogging with her caricatures and graphics as well as writings .
Posted by on 24 August

The Alchetwist

Santiago the shepherd roamed free, living a life which others would envy, His life was simple until he saw a dream – of the Egyptian Pyramids which was location of ...
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Posted by on 01 June

The Beast

He woke up with a start on hearing the scream, Wishing and praying for it to be just a bad dream. He was just a little kid, but the fact...
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Posted by on 01 May

A lot Unsaid

“Why do you have to come home so late? Whenever I ask you, you never answer me straight“, she asked as he entered the house. “Can’t you at least welcome...
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Posted by on 22 April

Twittergate – Illustrated

It all started with a tweet and it scandalized the neo-religion of India – Cricket. Gayatri illustrates the event that shook the politics, cricket and India. For Gayatri’s other caricatures...
22 April, 2010 India Matters more
Posted by on 14 April

And So On… By Gayatri

Sometimes it is nice to see world around in a lighter vein. Gayatri tries to bring out events/news through  sketches. More cartoons can be find in the slideshow below this sketch....
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