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Info: She is a freelance graphic designer who also loves writing and sketching who gave a completely new perspective to blogging with her caricatures and graphics as well as writings .
Posted by on 12 February

Khaman Dhokla – visual recipe

Ingredients: Gram flour  – one cup Semolina – one cup Curd – 4 spoons Eno (Regular) – one small packet (5gms) Mustard seeds – two tea spoons Asafoetida – half...
12 February, 2011 Food Recipe more
Stuffed Tomato Snack
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06 January

Stuffed Tomato Snack

This is a quick and easy snack. You can also use it as a starter. I’ve tried some stuffing , you can try and make many many variations with it....
06 January, 2011 Food Recipe more
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He sighed. She gasped. Both of them craved for a touch. He looked at her. He could see the longing in her eyes. It was hard for both of them...
27 December, 2010 55 Fiction more
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Eggless Chocolate Coffee Cake

I just loveeee making this cake. Ingredients : White flour (Maida) – one small bowl Powdered sugar – half the amount of flour Apple – one, medium sized Cocoa powder...
25 December, 2010 Food Recipe more
Posted by on 16 December

Undhiyo – visual recipe

I like winter coz I get to eat Undhiyo in this season only. This is a  traditional Gujarati dish, with a unique blend of vegetables like yam, sweet potato, brinjal,...
16 December, 2010 Food Recipe more
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Brinjal Gravy – Visual Recipe

Ingredients: Medium sized Brinjals – 4 Roasted Groundnuts –  3/4th cup Garlic paste – two teaspoons Onions – 2 Coriander powder – 1 teaspoon Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon Red...
12 December, 2010 Food Recipe more
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Banavasi is a small yet significant town in Karnataka. The first time I went there, all I knew was that there were some really nice old sculptures. Second time around,...
11 November, 2010 Jewel in the crown more
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Moment of Surrender

‘Don’t worry, will reach home in 5 mins’, I kept on telling this to myself. Today was definitely hard on me, not that I had any better days since last...
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Posted by on 29 August

First Blood

She was scared. He came close to her, she felt the puncture wound, he started taking in her blood. She was aghast, but his handsome face eased her pain. She...
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