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Info: A Chartered Accountant by profession who enjoys writing or should we say keying ?! in her free time.
Revolution 2020 by Chetan bhagat review
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19 October

Revolution 2020 by Chetan bhagat review

Chetan Bhagat – the name inspires the readers (I thought so until this one). Many followed their writing dreams after reading him and he opened the Indian literary world to...
19 October, 2011 Books more
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Xcess Baggage by Varsha Dixit

Xcess Baggage comes with a strange baggage with it and I can’t figure out if it is a surprise or a shock or I guess it is a mix of...
02 February, 2011 Books more
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Bel gira hai shayad!

“Dhapp” “Bel gira hai shayad”, on hearing the sound and to my prediction, my mother ran out shouting followed by me. As I struggled to catch with her (you see...
29 April, 2010 Diaries more
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Right Fit Wrong Shoe

                    Don’t be confused! This is the title of the book which I read at a pace even I am surprised....
11 January, 2010 Books more
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Mom-to-be’s day out!

Other day we went to the Hospital for the Growth Scan of the Baby. Our hospital visit is more of excursion only. Well, it cannot be classified as picnic considering...
15 December, 2009 Diaries more