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Full Name: Divaa Website:
Info: A 22yr old package of giggles and laughter and who wants to spread joy in her own little ways.she has a great passion for reading and loves to travel and believes in chasing after dreams to make them a reality.
Posted by on 10 December

The Perfect Picture

Meet the Johns. They are the perfect type family that one would love seeing on display with cute frames. But nobody knows the havoc and the painstaking one hour effort...
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Posted by on 20 November

The Secret Admirer

“I’ll get that mom” said Adrianna running to the main door to answer it. She was hoping it was her new friend Sam from the library. To her surprise, she...
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Posted by on 17 November

Soul Twin

-Dedicated to my best friend Rebu Childhood is a phase in one’s life which nobody can ever forget because it holds life’s fondest memories. Mine is a lot more memorable...
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Posted by on 07 November

The Milestone

When my life came to a halt and I didn’t know how to tread you came along and held my hand, you showed me this land, where we would build...
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