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Info: Born and brought up in Abu Dhabi and roots in India, Anney has a streak of funny genes that could make you forget day’s tension. She has reinvented her writing passion and is here to delight us with her flavour.
Posted by on 23 June

Where are we?

Call me absent minded but, I can’t find my way around no matter how many times I pass through the same way. It has always been that way ever since...
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Posted by on 16 June

Mystery Writer

I just discovered internet. It was great to just surf and make new friends.  I had my share of bad relationships and was done with the whole Boyfriend-Girlfriend thing. Chatting...
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Posted by on 13 April

Afternoon Siesta

  It was a practice, and still is, to have a siesta in the afternoon. Children were usually put to bed with a stern warning that any interruption to sleep...
13 April, 2010 Anney's Musings more