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Info: A writer and thinker, she believes the urge to write comes from the belief that one can contribute to the society either by writing things worth reading or doing things worth writing. An experienced writer with an ability to observe and pen down observations in a simple thought-provoking manner. Articulate and pithy, Alka weave stories with emotional tones.
Posted by on 16 December

Mushy Stuff

He tenderly brushed a wisp of hair from her cheek. And she brushed a tear from his eye. The message on the cake was – I am me because of...
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Posted by on 01 December

Just not about God

It was the third day after my marriage. “Beta tumahre maayke se koyi aaya hai,” said my mother-in-law. “He wants to meet you but refuses to come in.” Who could...
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Posted by on 25 November

Three Little Words

At six, the age of innocence, when monsters lurked in the darkness, when I had scuffed-up knees, and when my body burned with fever, I longed for those three little...
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