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Info: He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala! (Tea maker!) He is the master brewer at Ginger Chai.
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Indian Idol 4 – Part 12

January 09 – January 10 , 2009 January 09 , 2009 The show starts with Deepika Padukone making a guest  appearance ( obviously to promote Chandini chowk to China ) In...
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Passing on Strength

Jan 2 , 2209 My wife and me started to my native , which is some 700 km from Bangalore. Since yesterday night  , I felt my confidence , strength...
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Multiple Myeloma

Last hours of the first day of the new year. I received a call from my elder brother from my native. He asked me to talk to my uncle and...
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Namaste 2009 !

So we have stepped into yet another new year ! Happy New Year wishes to all of you !!! I wish for a peacefull , happy , secure 2009 !...
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