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Info: Aakanksha is from Amchi Mumbai and loves reading, and blogging about the books she reads, loves a little bit of gardening and like writing random poems, flash fiction stories and articles. You can check more of her in her personal blog, Book Cafe Book Cafe">
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Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup

The dearth of Indian crime fiction has been partially saved by the novel ‘Six Suspects‘ written by Vikas Swarup, better known for his novel, ‘Q and A’ that was adapted...
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Posted by on 14 June

Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid

When the world hears about Pakistan, the first thoughts that come to mind are terrorists, fundamentalists, terrorism etc thanks to the biased media. Nevertheless, a peek into Pakistan’s literary world...
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Night by Elie Wiesel
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04 May

Night by Elie Wiesel

A Night To Remember ‘Night‘ by Elie Wiesel is not a book for the faint hearted or for those looking for a casual read. The book maybe thin but don’t...
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