About us

Lakshmi Rajan


A compulsive tea drinker, it was only natural that he selected the name Ginger Chai when he brewed this site.  Chief-editor – Blogger and also the culprit for any editorial mistakes and goof-ups you come across here. When he is not writing and editing, he also runs around the business development affairs as well as to make a cup of tea for the visiting guests.  Last heard, he is rated as world’s best tea maker by none other than his wife.



Madhulika Dash

MadhulikaA writer by profession and foodie by heart, Madhulika spends her time romancing restaurants and hospitality when not learning about the new and old stories behind the Indian cuisine. A seasoned food appreciator, she writes on Indian restaurants,  home appliances and ready to eat meals. Her forte: restaurant chains.

Capacity in GINGER CHAI: Collabrations and concept developer.