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The Bestseller She Wrote Review
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The Bestseller She Wrote Review

So, what is that expected from the book written by Ravi Subramanian? Banking? Frauds involving something new which is unheard of? Any guesses? Well, this time it is much more! He is all over Facebook, Twitter divulging out the details himself as he forays into romance for the first time and he comes out with really flying colours. Of course, he has been a banker so he can’t do away with banks and the background of the banks for sure.

What do we have then in “THE BESTSELLER SHE WROTE” apart from whatever the title conveys?

The story starts on a slow note but then if you really are into reading Ravi’s book, you will not be able to keep down the book. I couldn’t. I took over all not more than three hours to finish the book. Aditya Kapoor is a banker and a very successful writer. He has best of both the world’s! so what else can one ask more for? With Maya and Aryan on family front to support his endeavors, he is on winning streak. Maya, his wife also has a successful and satisfying career. Life is in full circle till Aditya meets the budding writer Shreya Kaushik who is young and beautiful and painstakingly ambitious.

Shreya gets hired in the same bank in which Aditya works as management trainee and their path collide. They both are attracted to each other and are drawn to each other. Since Shreya aspire to be a bestselling author, she pursues Aditya like anything. Oblivious to these developments, Maya continues her journey as a faithful wife but then what happens when she finds out what is going on between Aditya and Shreya? Well, obviously all hell breaks loose! The story has lot of twist in the form parallel love story of Aditya’s friend cum colleague Sanjay and Diana, another colleague in the bank; Maya catching a bout of Ebola when she travels to Paris and lot more.

Shreya does manage to publish her bestselling novel but at what cost is what remains to be seen or rather needs to be read in the book. The novel picks up pace in latter half and it is difficult to put down. The smaller stories are intertwined with each other in a very subtle manner which leaves the reader amazed. Even though the start is slow, the fast paced ending makes up to it.

The cover page is different and kind of attractive from all his earlier novels which is a good thing. Overall makes a good read and I as a reader would give it to Ravi Subramanian for trying something new and different; way to go!

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