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TE-A-ME hosts a T-Day : A round-up
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TE-A-ME hosts a T-Day : A round-up

When there is a Chai in the name of website, you can guess my favourite cup. So when Madhu Jayanti International Limited, invited me for a T-day to celebrate the launch of their premium tea bag range ‘TE-A-ME’, I was obviously excited since a lot can happen over a cup of coffee tea!

Madhu Jayanti International has been a quiet name in the tea business but have a long heritage of 70 years, exporting teas across 42 countries with more than 10 brands. In India, they have few regional brands but with TE-A-ME, the premium range of tea bags, they aim to be more visible to the eyes of the tea connoisseurs.


Chef Jolly with Sumit Shah, Executive director, Madhu Jayanti International Ltd

Last week they extended an invite to me to celebrate the launch of TE-A-ME, with a tea session conducted by Chef Jolly, Executive Chef, J W Marriot Hotel, Bengaluru. It turned out to be a wonderful day with pairing session of mood-inspired teas, delectable foods and Chef Jolly boldly experimented infusing tea in certain recipes.

Chef Jolly was at his engaging best and demonstrated his unique Kashmiri Kahwa tea infused Kahwa Frappe which was a pièce de résistance, setting the mood of the session.


With the Frappe setting the perfect start, the Chef Jolly chose Apple Cinnamon Tea as his next drink to pour into his Apple Cinnamon Crumble recipe to bake a crumble to die for. ‘If there is a tea, there is a way’ my key take away marveling the chef’s ingenious experiments with tea.


Then followed a four course tea meal carefully chosen for sensory simulation and to pair with the various tea flavours.

First to be served was apple and pear salad with a concoction of Cranberry Apple tea dressing.


I never imagined tea could be a base for a soup and that is what Chef Jolly surprised me with. Chamomile Vegetable Nage prepared with seasonal vegetable and Chamomile tea infusion. This is something I am going to try out in my own soup experiments in days to come.


The Pumpkin and Sage Ricotta Ravioli was a sumptuous main course and it was paired with Tulsi Green Tea.


The Chef chose Sahi  Tudka with Cardamon Tea to end the session on a sweet note.


Overall it was one tea session to cherish for a very long time for the sheer innovation Chef Jolly came up with infusing tea into the recipes and also pairing them suitable flavours that simulate the senses. TE-A-ME range of premium tea bags has 17 mood inspired variants ranging from natural green teas that include the usual green tea to exotic flavours like Kashmiri Kahwa and then there are aromatic spices teas to fruit and flower infusions and signature black teas.

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