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Tea Tasting Event – Sublime House of Tea
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Tea Tasting Event – Sublime House of Tea

Never the one to miss an opportunity to try out new Chai in town, I was, needless to say, excited to sip and indulge on the Sublime House of Tea when the invitation for the tea tasting event came out.  Being a die-hard Chaiwala  (seriously, I didn’t mean any politics here) I have been sourcing green teas for couple of years now directly from China and still love the hot glass of garam masala chai from the street-side stalls. Finding a good brew is a soulful experience, after all tea invigorates both the body and the mind.

Sublime House of Tea belongs to a respected address, started in 2013 by Uzma Irfan, Executive Director of the reputed property development company of South India, Prestige Group and founder of Sublime Galleria, the new age tea brand has a strong backing and a passion of the founder to bring new premium flavour into the Indian tea market.

Back to the tea tasting event which happened at Cafe Noir at the upmarket UB City, Bangalore. The session was attended by selected food bloggers with interesting personalities and a free-wheeling conversation on chai and the six interesting cup of Sublime brew which was on the tasting table.

The Sublime House of tea comes in nylon pyramid tea bags and they also have a special edition cases. I am not a big fan of tea bags but in this fast-paced lifestyle it has become a default choice for many to just dip and savor their drink.

The first cup I tasted out of their range was Jasmine Mandarin. When I nosed the tea bag, the aroma was captivating and over-powering. To be frank, I was a bit disappointed when the aroma did not infuse into my drink. The drink was bit light and underwhelming and if you are not careful about the time the pouches swam in your drink, it might turn bitter. So the key is on pulling out at the right moment but if you are looking at the flavor that pulled you out of the box to transcend into the drink, you might be a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, the drink was refreshing. I was bit put down by the ingredients seeping out of the bag while dipping.


Uzma was quiet excited about the next drink we tasted – the Seventh Heaven. A drink that had a nice color to it and a very compelling fragrance coming out of the tea bag. The fragrance could pull the sensory bud of anyone.  The concoction when served as a cold drink as Uzma quipped it makes for a refreshing, cold drink. When it comes to drink, you can’t please everyone with one single drink. The problem again with the Seventh Heaven was the fragrance of the tea bag took one literally to a bliss but it does not infuse into the drink. So the expectation are set high but the first sip does not sustain it. It also could be due to the fact the drink was not really cold. I felt a bit colder drink would have brought out the nuances of the flavor better. We did try out the hot cup of the same drink but it did not really cut the ice like the colder version. Though the next drink we tasted was the star brew of the entire evening.


The best cup for me and many of tasters unanimously agreed to it is the next one we tasted – the exotic sounding Moroccan Mint. A strong brew with a good spicy finish. A very reinvigorating drink, I would not mind having one every day.


After the spicy brew, the Rose in Bloom was yet another interesting cup that many would like especially ladies. The sweetness and the aroma was quiet nice.

The tasting concluded with a cup of the Assam CTC and Green Long Ding, which is a fine green tea. In between Cafe Noir kept their short eats and their delicious in-house macrons to munch.

The limited edition fine single origin green tea, black tea and green tea from Sublime House of Tea.


The Sublime House of Tea is available in the price range of Rs 180 to 290 for 25 tea bags and is available on the shelves of selected Gourmet stores of Food World in Bangalore and also at Sublime Galleria at UB City. It can also be ordered online on It is also served currently at Cafe Noir, Amande, Oakwood and Aloft Cessana hotel in Bangalore.

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