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Onam Special: Ela Ada Recipe
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Onam Special: Ela Ada Recipe

It’s festive season and we have Onam just round the corner on September 7. The Chef at Plaza Premium Lounge are stirring up a special Onam sadhya menu. So if you are traveling and at Bangalore domestic departure on this 7th, relish the sumptuous spread at the lounge. This Ela ada recipe is shared by their chef.

Ela Ada or Elai Adai is a traditional Keralite delicacy, the dish is essentially rice flour parcels encased in dough made of rice flour, with sweet fillings and steamed in banana leaves.

Servings:  4

Ingredients :

  • Rice Flour 01 Cup
  • Jaggery 01 Cup
  • Grated Coconut 01 Cup
  • Refine Flour 02 Tbsp
  • Cardamom Powder ½ Tsp
  • Dates 02 Tbsp
  • Salt To taste
  • Banana Leaves 04 in total
  • Ghee 01 Tsp

Preparation: How to make Ela Ada

Step 1

  • Add rice flour and white flour with ½ cup of warm water and make the dough
  • Make lemon size round balls and keep it aside

Step 2

The Filling:

  • Melt ghee in a heavy bottom pan, add grated coconuts and sauté it till light brown in colour
  • Add dates and cardamom powder
  • Blend it and keep it aside to cool

Step 3

  • Roll the rice flour balls (to chapatti size) and fill it with the prepared filling
  • Seal the balls with banana leaves
  •  Repeat the method for rest of the rice balls

Step 4

  • Steam the balls in moderate flame for 10- 12 minutes
  • Remove the banana leaves and serve hot


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