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Have you had your cup of pukka organic tea?
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Have you had your cup of pukka organic tea?

UK’s largest organic tea company Pukka Herbs brings their exotic range of black, green and fruit teas by introducing ten teas from their signature collection.

Life has come full circle for Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell, founders of the Pukka Herb, both of them feel and share a palpable ‘essence’ of India which gave birth to Pukka tea 12 years back. Little did Sebastian knew when he arrived as a backpacker to India more than a decade ago that it will become a spiritual home to home and expose him to the wonderful, exotic and healthy world of Ayurveda. Back in UK he met Tim Westwell who also had his brief stint in India and has a liking for this place and together they started Pukka Herbs, an organic tea company and sourced and imported the basic herbs from India to begin an exotic journey. Selling 35,000 boxes of organic tea in 2002, they now sell around 15 million boxes and is the largest supplier of organic herbs in UK and has over 35 different varieties of herbal brew in their kitty.


It was a pleasure to meet the ever-smiling and charming Tim Westwell at the tea tasting event organized by Pukka tea to announce their entry into Indian market. In an informal talk, he delved into the origins of the Pukka tea, their Indian connection and their ten signature teas they are bringing to Indian market to begin with.

In an carefully done tea tasting menu with short bites as accompaniments, Tim took us to the various nuances and fragrance of the nine teas from the Pukka range. Of course, the menu left out the Night Time brew, not to risk us taking a nap during the noon session.


For India to begin with Pukka herbs have launched Vanilla Chai, Peppermint & Licorice, Love, Three Ginger, Revitalise, Detox, Relax, Three Mint, Cleanse and Night Time. The organic tea are available in bags and Tim says they found that made sense since they give the right mix of aroma and measured ingredients for every cup.

My pick was Vanilla Chai, Peppermint & Licorice, Love and Revitalise, while Cleanse, Detox reminded me of the ayurvedic home-brew my mom makes. The flavours were very comforting and soothing to body and in tune with our traditional way of healthy living.


Pukka Tea would be available in most of the premium organic and retail stores in India and also online stores like At Rs 375 to Rs 400 per box comprising 20 tea bags, they do command a premium but when you sip a pukka cup, it does invigorate your body and soul.

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