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Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore
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Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore

What you do when you arrive at an Airport a good hours earlier? If you live in cities like Bangalore with the airport at a good distance from the city or you are habitual of checking-in handsomely earlier like I do ever since I missed a flight with my family on toes or simply your flight got delayed, you have plenty of time to vile away. How to relax, unwind the waiting time? You could walk into airport lounge. Plaza Premium lounge, is a renowned international chain of airport lounge and now they have started their operations in India with properties now in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore airports.

A quick brief of Plaza Premium Lounge for those unaware of the brand. It’s the world’s first commercial VIP airport lounge headquartered in Hong Kong and has over the years build a reputation for offering premium airport services in major international airports worldwide. They are now spread over 110 locations in 29 International airports.

Though they offer various other airport services other than lounges, in India they have started with Lounges and also rolling out transit hotels shortly.

Plaza Premium invited me to show me around their lounges in Bangalore International Airport and I checked in both their Domestic lounge situated at the departure terminal and the International lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Bangalore – International

Clad in a wood and dark decor, the international lounge  is spread over 7,5oo sq ft and has a seating capacity of 180 and looks and feels cozy and sophisticated. They have a variety of comfortable seating options with couches, seaters,  bar tools and dining tables. The lounge accepts airline invitation,  your Priority Pass, American Express CC and some other credit cards to access this lounge. Also, you can pay-in to use this lounge at Rs. 1,500 for the lounge service with food and drink included.


Setting up a kitchen in Airport is a tricky affair with many restrictions. No smoking stoves, no knives and the list is huge. When you know these fine details, you start appreciating the chefs who still manage to cook a good menu with a limited resources. The lounge has food stations in a cart style dishing out pastas, choice of egg dishes, local menu like dosas and uttappams, soups and salads and also there is a dessert counter worth a try.


A well-stocked reading corner.


The lounge provides free high-speed WiFi and there is also computer workstations for the workaholics. Power plug points for laptop and mobile charging are conveniently placed in seats. If you are in a mood to pamper yourself, there is a spa and massage service. The drinks counter is decently stocked.

If you want a little bit of closed door meetings, there is also a space that gives privacy if you want to brainstorm with your team members.


Plaza Premium Lounge, Bangalore- Domestic

Since Airport terminal work is going on, we have to take a lift to mezzanine floor to access the lounge lobby. For convenience, they have a temporary reception on the first floor. For pay in-use, Plaza Premium bills Rs. 1,000 for their domestic lounge but drinks and Spa / massage services are charged separately here unlike at the international lounge. The food of course is included along with WiFi access.

In contrast to the International lounge, the domestic lounge of Plaza Premium has a bright and feel-light decor. There are plenty of natural light and the ambiance is quiet warm. It is spread over 10,400 sq.ft and has a seating capacity for 230 people and is open 24 hours a day.


A live food station dishes out southern menus including dosa, rice and curries and also you can fill with a variety of egg dishes, pastas, soups, salads and desserts. It’s self service and they take a bit of time to make, so take it easy.


Like the international lounge, there is also very comfortable seating arrangements and a bar at the center.  Other facilities include shower room, spa and massage and shoe shine deck.

Plaza Premium Lounge is like an oasis to if you like to stay away from the crowded airport and also relax and rewind at a comfort. zone offering good number of service. So next time you are at the airport, you know where to go if you have time at your disposal.

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