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Book review – The Wordkeepers by Jash Sen
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Book review – The Wordkeepers by Jash Sen

To begin with, the cover of the book is quite captivating. A green iris watches over the protagonist Anya, who is making her way through the mystic hills and dark forests on her quest. The neon colors against the dark horizon just take your mind into a whole another world.

The one thing I admire about the book is that the author, Jash Sen has fabricated a story out of the Hindu mythology and managed to keep it realistic. It’s set in the distant future of 2028 and yet the author has managed to keep mythology’s essence. She has also done a fair job of keeping in mind of the time setting as she mentions the 3D projectors instead of the ‘old-fashioned’ flat screens.

The book begins with an epilogue dated five thousand years ago, right in the middle of the battleground of Kurukshetra. The war has ended and lord Krishna has arrived with “desperation etched on his face, a single jaunty peacock feather standing out in stark contrast to his bloodstained yellow robes and his tense stance.” Personally, I find this description quite effective for him. For once, he’s not being portrayed as the heavenly being who is supposed to be ever smiling but a character with emotions and realism. Out of rage Krishna wrenches out the gem from Ahwatthama’s forehead and curses him of immortality and leprosy. He is to live a life of eternal suffering, solitude and pain. Thus, giving rise to a wonderfully crafted novel by Jash Sen.

The novel takes you on a fantastic voyage with Anya to discover not just the secrets of the Indian mythological characters but also of her own life. She has to fulfill her role to save her parents, her newly found friends and the entire world!  I can’t wait to find out Anya’s fate in The Wordkeepers’ sequel.

Book info:

Publisher: Duckbill

262 Pages .

Paperback edition: Dec 2012

ISBN 978-93-82618-16-4

Price Rs. 225

0 05 August, 2013 Books August 5, 2013

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