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Policegiri movie review – Can this Southern remake be successful as the original?
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Policegiri movie review – Can this Southern remake be successful as the original?

policegiriWith the hero of the movie cooling his heels in prison, on-screen in Policegiri, he comes as a tough DCP who can be a baddie in his approach to deliver justice. He takes on the corrupt politician after initially going slow on him.

Policegiri is a remake of 2003 blockbuster Tamil film Saamy which starred Vikram in lead role. I had watched the film back then and couple of more times in TV replays, the movie had the right salt and pepper with good dose of action, comedy, romance and sentiment to make it a perfect entertainer.

The Hindi remake is helmed by very successful veteran South Indian director K S Ravikumar who makes his debut in Bollywood with this movie. Whether he will be able to continue his midas touch in Bollywood will be known this Friday.

Unfortunately for the director, while the original Saamy released a decade back was a trendsetter that lead to a fury of action packed cop stories . By the time it was remade now in Hindi a good decade down, North has liberally been influenced by the Southern brand of noisy and gravity defying action sequences with films like Wanted, Dabaang and Singham reinventing it.

So Policegiri is noticeably a late entry to begin with.

Sanjay Dutt looks visibly a tad aged and wee tired, now he is no Salman Khan with his mischievous antics and swagger nor the intense Ajay Devgn but still retains partially his macho self.

Deputy commissioner of police Rudra does not shy from taking bribes, his methodology might be different but he is not averse to takes on local mafias and politicians with iron fist, which leads to many transfers.  He might be as corrupt as the people he takes on and claims to be a combination of a  bhikari and a shikari, buy one get one free.

Arriving at Nagapuram which is in the tight grip of menacing don Nagori Subramaniam, he is on a clean up drive after initially going slow on the don.

For Prakash Raj it’s a role tailor-made for him and one he has enacted million times in southern movies and now in Bollywood too. He is one man who can  handle the eccentricities and madness with a flair and even exaggerating it but still every time manages to match the hero.

In spite of a super-cop and super-baddie story, high-decibel noises, earth-shattering action sequences, mandatory romantic plot, silly sidekicks and sentiments, Policegiri is completely forgettable.

Blame your karma, if you choose to watch it.

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