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Book review: Alice in Deadland by Mainak Dhar
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Book review: Alice in Deadland by Mainak Dhar


From page #227

What happened in the Deadland was different and more dangerous. An idea had been born: the idea that humans and Biters could somehow coexist, and that the Central Committee and its masters were behind the catastrophe that had been the Rising. The idea that it was possible to start to recreate civilization without the control of the Central Committee and its Red Guards. That idea had taken root throughout the Deadland and had begun to seep into the cities of Mainland.

And this one idea gives rise to an action-packed thriller sequel to the Zombiestan.

Alice, a teenage survivor in the Deadland has lived her life knowing only one thing and that is to survive the day killing off Biters. She’s an expert in combat fighting and even at this age, better than most people in her settlement. All this makes her a dangerous enemy for the biters. But soon enough Alice realizes that Biters are not what they seem to be. She chances upon the truth while escaping a mob of Biters after her. The knowledge alone, changes her life forever as she learns that humans can be more cruel and savage than the blood thirsty zombies. The human’s lust for power is no less than the Biter’s lust for blood. She finds herself twisted up in a prophecy, which is itself derived from a children’s novel but she must fulfill to bring back the world that once was.

The book keeps you glued to the pages till the end and once again you can’t help but feel grateful for the little things in life that we pass by without much thought. When Alice finds a Barbie dolls in the ruins she can’t imagine anyone having the ‘spare time to sit and play with silly little figurines’ and I can’t imagine my childhood without them!

In the end I have to say this, although I find Zombiestan better than this one, it still is a great book with a lot of action, politics and drama.

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