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Ghanchakkar movie review
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Ghanchakkar movie review

Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan come together again in Ghanchakkar directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, the writer-director whose earlier projects include critically acclaimed Aamir and No One killed Jessica. While in The Dirty Picture the duo created a sizzling hot chemistry, in Ghanchakkar the lead pair promises a lazy, crazy ride.


Sanjay Atre (Emraan Hashmi), a suave but laid back safe-cracker plans to retire from his crime career after one last heist. Joining hands with two other criminals, he successfully robs a bank. They plan to meet after three months and split the fortunes once the situation cools down.

Three months back when the associates meet him, to their horror they realize Sanjay not remembering them nor where he stashed away the loot money. Did Sanjay really forget the booty or playing a game to pocket the entire moolah?

The two goons  decides to stay with him till he recollects while his boisterous wife (Vidya Balan) who has a fetish for funky, outlandish and kinky dresses sets the house on a rock n roll.

Refreshingly Raj Kumar Gupta stays clear of the Bollywood stereotypes and so we are not treated to slapstick comedies and clownish acts but just twisted tales and comic wreck brought in by a man’s retrograde amnesia.

While the lazy, poker-faced hero mutters enjoyable on-liners, his crazy wife has her way with mad-cop antics and caught in between are the two erstwhile partners-in-crime who are hell-bent on extracting the information about the  forgotten bounty.

Ghanchakkar is not without it’s flaws. At two hours and 10 minutes it makes us restless in-between and gets slow but the lows can be forgiven if your laughter mechanism is not spoiled yet  by the insanely murderous slapstick comedies Bollywood dishes out every now and then. The director who managed to hold our attention completely in his previous two serious films somehow let few dull moments especially in the second half of this comic-thriller that undermines many of the hearty ingredient of the film.

In spite of the speed breakers, the script’s treatment without giving a hoot to the Bollywood stereotypes but yet maintaining a flow of humor throughout the length of the film and metes a surprise climax. How much the audience appreciate the twisted, staccato script and the climax only the box office can tell.

Ghanchakkar is quirky and unique but like the lead character of the film, it is laid back in unfolding and let down by dull moments. Yet it is a commendable attempt and worth a watch.

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