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Go Goa Gone Movie Review
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Go Goa Gone Movie Review

Horror movies are one of my favorite genres but amidst all the scary population of horrorland, Zombies are different breed. The undead are unique in that they can scare you as well as make a perfect ensemble for a zomcom, Zombieland being my all-time favourite in the sub-genre.

While bhoot, bhootnis, chudail are Bollywood’s horror attractions, Zombie’s were buried under, undirected till Luke Kenny and Devaki Singh brought the undead alive on-screen in Rise of the Zombie released last month. Though the very first movie did not warm up well at box office, Go Goa Gone tries to make the zombie culture popular taking the zomcom route and manages to pull it off amidst the blood, gore, madness and laughter!

No haunted house nor rocking chairs and shutting windows with their minds of their own or revenge seeking bhoot in owl hooting dark nights here but you are treated with a summer cocktail set in a Goan island with virgin beach and greenery.

Luv (Vir Das), a just-dumped guy which made him shed his new changed-to-better status and Hardik (Kunal Khemu) just-fired-from-job  whose simple and only pleasures include smoke, women and alcohol, tag their studious working friend-roommate-colleague, Bunny (Anand Tiwari)  who is going to Goa for a business presentation while the other want to smoke it up there.

In Goa, Luv meets Luna  who invite him for a rave party organized by a Russian mafia don. Thrilled, Luv and Hardik manages to entice Bunny to sail with them to the island and to the party. They wake up from their wasted night only to see things have changed overnight with Zombies on a hunger spree looking out for their ‘living’ prey.


The three friends and Luna are stranded in the island and need to flee it but how?  While the friends fumble around to find their way out and with almost all the party guest turned into zombies ,enters Boris, the mafioso with guns and barrels.


Saif Ali Khan also the co-producer of the movie needs to be applauded for the gutsy effort to play the blonde-haired pretending-to-be a Russian don caricature. He has allowed the trio of Luv, Hardik and Bunny to take the center-stage throughout the movie allowing himself to savour the madness and be part of the madness.

 Go Goa Gone is heavier on the comedy than the horror and works to its favour as a rarefied air. For unassuming audience who came looking out for a plain horror stuff it might surprise them but most may not complaint either.

The trio especially Hardik and Luv constantly spout one-liners making the zombiescape a hilarious watch along with the heavy Russian accented Boris uttering i-keel-dead-people and hunting down the zombies.

Director duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK maintains the zombie escapade a healthy pace, cleverly sprinkled with witty wisecracks and over-the-top, ridiculous, mindless zomcom caper.

The whole film is tons of fun and there are great silly, goofy moments throughout the movie you will enjoy .

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