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Murder 3 – Review
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Murder 3 – Review

murder3The first half of the movie make you wonder if it is a horror movie. A spooky house, rattling windows, something-inside-the-water-tap made me look around the empty rows of the movie hall and wonder if it was a wise decision to watch the movie alone. Luckily the chills and shivers were in parts and later it transpired it is not a horror genre.

Murder 3, the third installment in the Murder series produced by Mahesh Bhatt and this time helmed by Mahesh bhatt’s nephew Vishesh Bhatt. The movie is a remake of Colombian thriller ‘The Hidden Face’. The face of Murder series, Emraan Hashmi is replaced by Randeep Hooda in Murder 3.

Wild life photographer Vikram (Randeep Hooda) and his girl-friend Roshini (Aditi Rao Hydari) shifts to Mumbai from Cape Town on a year-long assignment. In Mumbai, the wild life photographer becomes a fashion photographer (so that we can have a bit of glamour in the songs! who wants to see a Geographical channel on big screen, right?!). The movie in fact begins with a brooding Vikram looking at a video camera message by Roshini, telling him she is going away from him. Dejected and taking recourse to drink, Vikram befriends a lounge waitress, Nisha (Sara Loren). Nisha moves to the palatial house in remote Mumbai and finds something strange in the bedroom and water tap and hears some noises. The second half of the movie reveals that Roshini doubting Vikram’s relationship with his hairstylist decides to test him. I am not going to give away what the test is and make it very obvious. In turn, Roshini gets self-trapped and if she manages to squeeze out of the trap? What happened to their relationship? What about Nisha’s affair makes up for Murder 3.

Murder series is synonymous with eroticism, bracketing it as erotic thriller, Murder 3 might disappoint those who look for it. The basic story knot in fact sounds good but somewhere Vishesh falters and the movie disappoints.

As far as acting, Aditi both irritates in partial especially when she laughs but partly excels in few scenes. Less said about Randeep, the actor simply refuses to emote. Then you have Rajesh Shringarpure and Bugs Bhargava who unintentionally makes us laugh with their murderous acting.

Final words… Murder 3 is good in patches but the full potential of the story is under-utilized and disappoints.

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