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Special 26 – Review : A Perfect Indian Job
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Special 26 – Review : A Perfect Indian Job


If you thought Neeraj Pandey is a one film wonder, the man proves you wrong with his second film ‘Sepcial 26’. After much acclaimed Wednesday released way back in 2008, the director took his own sweet time to come with this heist-thriller starring Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher,  Jimmy Shergill, Manoj Bajpai and Kajal Aggarwal and does a  desi con-giri thriller to perfection.

The film is set in 80s and is said to be based on real incidents. A group of men  goes on a perfect con-jobs across India posing as CBI officers. The victims? businessmen and even politicians, who remain silent  so that their shady black money  is not exposed to media and Income tax departments. As a final heist, they plan big but by this time the real CBI manages to sniff them and trails them to make a perfect red-handed arrests. So who gets the perfect final job done? The asli CBI or nakli CBI?

The movie opens with pencil-thin moustached Akshay and Anupam Kher along with two other accomplice ‘raiding’ a politician’s house after informing local police. As the politician gapes in shock and sweats out his fear, the four men uncovers the hidden black money and ‘confiscates’ them. As the police stands in awe at the ‘integrity’ and ‘honesty’ of the ‘officials’, they make an exit telling the cops to wait till further orders. A perfect job done. The opening con-job sets the pace of the movie peppered with light humour and brilliant acting that is to continue throughout the remaining reels.

Akshay Kumar happens to be one of my favourite actor in Bollywood and it annoys me when he chooses ‘joker’ of roles oflate. Among the Bollwyood superstars, he is one who could do with better guidance on his choice of movies and credit should g to Neeraj for his faith on Akshay and the actor himself for the accomplished acting. What a changed Akshay we see on-screen! Posing with thin moustache and controlled expressions, he along with the rest of the cast bring more realistic mood to the film and keeps us enthralled. Talking about acting, the entire casting of the film does a perfect job. Anupam Kher is simply brilliant, so is Jimmy Shergill and Manoj Bajpai both of them as policeman and CBI officer respectively on the trails of the four con men.

The screenplay is tight and if at all any flaw is there, you would never realize it. Was there any flaw? Well, I am not sure I was just sucked into the mire of sheer cinematic pleasure.

Special 26 is a perfect Indian con-giri job. Don’t miss the heist.

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  1. S.R.Ayyangar

    I wonder how a con police & lady con police can not be detected for a long time either by Police department or even the CBI? Still wondering if con CBI can assign the new recruits on a special mission the very next day of their joining!

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